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[edit] How to navigate The Handbook of Arlington

[edit] Search

  • You can search The Handbook of Arlington using the search box in the left sidebar.
    • If you choose 'Go' the site will look for an exact match of the text you entered as the title of a page. If it doesn't find it, will look within the titles and text of all of the pages and offer you the option of creating a page with that title.
    • If you choose 'Search' you will be searching the titles and text of all the pages.

[edit] Browse

  • You can choose All Pages in the left sidebar to see a list of all of the pages in The Handbook of Arlington.
  • You can choose Random page to navigate to a random page of The Handbook of Arlington.

[edit] Other Features

  • Other features appear in the toolbox below the search.
    • What links here can help you find connections among pages in The Handbook of Arlington.
    • The ability to upload files such as images.
    • The Special Pages link which can help you understand the inner workings of The Handbook of Arlington such as reports, logs, and user rights.

[edit] How to add content to The Handbook of Arlington

[edit] Creating a new page

There are three methods to creating a new page in The Handbook of Arlington

  1. Using the search box, type in the name of the page you want to create then choose 'Go.' If the page already exists, it will direct you there. If the page does not exist, it will say "There is no page titled '[your search string]'. You can create this page." Click the create the page link and it will direct you there.
  2. If you're editing a page and realize you want to create a page about something you're mentioning, include the name of the item in double brackets like this: [ [ insert name of item ] ]. Then when you save the page, it will turn that text into a link. Red if the page doesn't exist, blue if it does. Click the red link to edit the new page you created.
  3. You can also create a page using the url box in your browser.

For more information, go here.

[edit] Editing an existing page

[edit] Formatting Text

You can format text in The Handbook of Arlington in several different ways.

  • Make text italic by putting it inside two single quotes. Ie. ' '[insert text]' '
  • Make text bold by putting it inside three single quotes. Ie. ' ' '[insert text]' ' '
  • Create bullet lists using *
    • * creates a bullet
    • **allows you to create a "sub-bullet"
      • ***and you can keep going!
  • Create numbered lists using #
  1. All you do is put a # before each item you want to number.
    1. You can create sublists using multiple ##.
  • Another helpful way to organize text is through headings. Wrap your main headings in equal signs like this: == [Name of Heading] ==
    • You can make further sub-headings by adding more equals signs.
  • For more information about formatting, check out the MediaWiki Formatting Help page

[edit] Links

Providing internal and external links enhances the content of your page.

[edit] References

  • Internal References
    • If you are looking to reference another page on The Handbook of Arlington you can do so by including the name of the page in double square brackets, like an internal link. [[Vandergriff, Tom]] would create a link Vandergriff, Tom.
    • You could add alternate text to internal references by separating the name of the page and the alternate text with a |. For example, [[Vandergriff, Tom | Tom Vandergriff]] would create a link Tom Vandergriff.
  • External References
    • If you are looking to create a reference to an external source, you can use external links to do this.
    • Including the link in single square brackets creates a numbered link on the page. For example, [] creates [1].
    • You could add alternate text to external references by separating the URL and the alternate text with a space. For example, [ Google] creates Google.

[edit] Images

To use a photograph on a page of The Handbook of Arlington, you can:

  • Link to the image
    • If the image is external, all you need to do is type the url of the image (no brackets required) and it will display. ie. typing makes this image appear:
    • If the image is external and you want to link to the source use a single square bracket and list the url of the site and then the url of the image separated by a space, ie. [] which will display this:


  • Upload the image to The Handbook of Arlington
    • To upload a file, choose Upload file in the left sidebar (Note: you must be logged in to do this)
    • Remember the exact name and file extension for your image, ie. Image.jpg
    • When you are ready to insert the image on a page, use double brackets around the file name, ie. [[File:Image.jpg]]
  • You can format images by size, border, and text. For more information on this, see the MediaWiki Images help page
  • Uploading a file allows for more flexibility with format but linking to an image can be a faster method
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